Ranked amongst one of the deadliest cities to live in according to various polls, San Salvador, and El Salvador itself, needs much HELP. The roots of the problem are many, and as important as they are, they are not being addressed with the intensity they should; one of the most important ones being our Education system.

The poor education system not only affect the quality of opportunities the majority of the population can access, but it lacks content on values and life skills that can come of extra help to those tens of thousands "graduating" every year. The lack of opportunities, humane and descent payed jobs has then been one key trigger for our youth to quit school and join the gang force. And that is the main problem we are trying to address. Creating quality opportunities to learn new life skills, access a better education, while pursuing an athletic career that could break the cycle of life these students have been destined to live.

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Yes, you read right. We have developed the First Outdoor Squash complex in the World. At this center over 120 students from our Social Program will be served. It will be this center the starting point of Squash Para Todos, and it will be from here that students will be recruited to later obtain scholarships to train at the regular squash center and receive all the benefits Squash Para Todos has to offer.

Parallel, the center will serve as a private academy were all the products and services offered will be 100% in benefit of Squash Para Todos.

Our idea and innovation has called upon the attention of over 30 squash coaches, enthusiasts, promoters and more from all the World Continents. Proving once again, that much of the future and growth of Squash World Wide lies in the Outdoors.

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is an innovative non profit that addresses the root causes of poverty and violence through: Education, Health & Community Empowerment. Incubated under their organization allows us to receive donations through their financial structure in the United States and the countries in Latin America were they have operating regional offices. Besides receiving professional consulting, assessments, accountings, auditing and more, it is also through Glasswing Programs in the Public School System in El Salvador that we get to apply our School Squash Programs were kids get to receive Squash as their physical education class.



"Squash Para Todos has helped my son stay more focused and motivated"

- Student Mother

"What I love the most of Squash Para Todos students is that they are all gentlemen on the court"

- Gerardo Porras