In the effort to continue supporting our Student Athlete Dreams, Squash Para Todos offers access to a series of different Academic Scholarships that will allow our students to continue their Academic development and put them one step closer to their goals and dreams.

Squash Para Todos JAC Icon

In loving memory of our dear and beloved friend, Javier Cristiani, the JAC Scholarship has been created for a Student Athlete who shares Javier's passions for Architecturing and Squash. The Scholarship will cover all expenses of the Arquitecturing career in a University to be defined in El Salvador. 

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Careers in languages are also offered as Scholarships to our Student Athletes once culminated their High School Degrees.


Through local Private High School and Foundation, FESA, our students have access to Academic High School Scholarships for Student Athletes who excel in all the different sport disciplines. In these five years of operations, Squash Para Todos has graduated 7 students from FESA, while 12 other are currently enrolled. 

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Squash Para Todos goes beyond sports. The Music Scholarship has been designed for a Student who has a passion for music and arts.