Squash Para Todos has been a LIFE long DREAM.

The main objective is tu use the game of Squash, and all you can learn from it along the way, from life lesson to new life skills, to prepare our students for that bigger match called LIFE.

Squash Para Todos is currently serving students that attend squash and physical training a minimum of two times a week. Parallel to their athletic development, students also engage in different extra curricular activities such as English Club, Video Club, Music and more.

Being academics a very important pillar, we are constantly monitoring our students academic development and support them in case needed. Academics are also one of our main indicators when it comes to select students that will participate in different tournaments, events and international trips.


Squash Para Todos in English means Squash for All. The name was thought in relation to the fact that the sport of Squash for ever has been an elite sport, where very few would have access to it. With the Program, we were opening the game to new actors, while using the sport to work on bigger social issues such as segregation and discrimination.

But true to our name we had to go further. Squash For All goes farther and that is why we also serve a very special group of players. With partnerships with local organizations that look to serve kids with disabilities, we also serve weekly students from different organizations and levels of disabilities.

Maya Country Club is one the most prestigious local Social Clubs in El Salvador. With the initiative to serve the community, a partnership has been established between the Club and the Program that allows us to serve our students and kids at their facilities. Integrating these social actors is an innovative idea that can help break down that wall that divides our social classes and that promote hate amongst our population.