Squash Para Todos, a SAFE Space

Squash Para Todos has been a LIFE long DREAM.

The main objective is tu use the game of Squash, and all you can learn from it along the way, from life lesson to new life skills, to prepare our students for that bigger match called LIFE.

Squash Para Todos is currently serving students that attend squash and physical training a minimum of two times a week. Parallel to their athletic development, students also engage in different extra curricular activities such as English Club, Video Club, Music and more.

Being academics a very important pillar, we are constantly monitoring our students academic development and support them in case needed. Academics are also one of our main indicators when it comes to select students that will participate in different tournaments, events and international trips.




- Good self esteem

- Self Confident

- Safe

- Belonging

- Peace

- Calm

- Control

- Happiness


- Gets along well with others

- More participation and attention

- Assertive communication

- Critical Thinker

- Conflict resolution skills


- Better relations with parents, guardian and friends

- More reflective than impulsive

- Avoided entering gang

- Awareness of the future

- Want to succeed